January Jones Plans To Marry Herself; We Would Too If We Were Her


You can probably understand why a woman as stunning as January Jones can’t commit, at least not to her last boyfriend Jason Sudeikis. Which is why the Mad Men actress has come up with the perfect solution to her dating woes: propose to herself. “I think it’s tough to date in general,” January sighed in an interview with Extra!. “But maybe only because I live such a transient lifestyle. Never in one place for too long. Plus, I can’t commit… I don’t have a type, I’m all over the place. It’s me.” Jones quipped, “I’m like Queen Elizabeth. I’m going to marry myself.” We…we can do that? Take that, Mom; now we definitely won’t die a spinster!

While January books a caterer and picks out bridesmaids dresses for her self-wedding, in the meantime she keep on showering with Liam Neeson in her new thriller Unknown. “What you didn’t see was Aiden Quinn was also in the shower with us…they would switch him out. It was very awkward,” Jones laughs. “They were buddies so they were sort of high-fiving each other…that’s the most nude I’ve been in a film.” As long as it’s only for the movie, we guess January can’t get mad at herself for cheating. Girl better put a ring on it soon though, or January is going to find someone who really appreciates her. For example, any other person on the planet.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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