Random Dude Crashes Paris Hilton’s 30th Birthday Party, Steals Her Cake


This story is so hilarious that we’re going to jump straight into it. Some dude called Paz gate-crashed Paris Hilton‘s 30th birthday party and stole her cake. We kid you not. He’s chronicled his confectionary-criminal spree on his Facebook page, complete with photographs from inside the bash.

The cake itself was apparently worth $2,000 dollars and as Paz describes it, “It’s big. It’s red. It’s says Paris.” His elaborate journal entry starts one day before Paris-gate thanks to a friend’s phone call inviting him to be a fellow crasher. It takes you through Paz and friend “Kevin” strolling down the red carpet, bodypainted nymphs with Tinkerbell wings and an 8-foot tall Iron Man impersonator. There were six open bars on site, which the duo liberally sampled from.

Of the actual cake-hijacking, Paz writes, “… It was at this inebriated moment I decided no one was going to waste $2,000 with of anything on my watch. ‘Hey’, I mumble to Kevin, ‘I have to rescue the cake’.” That’s exactly what superhero Paz did because no one was paying attention or eating the damn thing. After Paris had blown out the candles of course! They’re not mean, guys. They’re socially and financially prudent, clearly.

They swiped it, by dodging the head of security, the waiter and God knows who else, and took their prize home. And in the end, he wrote, “It’s red. It’s delicious. And I don’t know WTF I’m going to do with it.” Erm, pass us a slice? Also, did anyone even notice that it was missing? Happy Birthday, Paris! You can’t make this stuff up.

[Photo: Splash News Online/Facebook]

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