Justin Bieber Ups His Flower Game For Selena Gomez


As if it wasn’t completely obvious that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are dating, Justin’s recent gesture of love couldn’t be more crystal clear if he shaved Selena Forever into the back of his head (Not that we’re saying he should do that; it would be career suicide!). Last week Bieber bought Selena an entire flower shop, enough plants to “fill Selena’s house with flowers”…and it wasn’t even Valentine’s Day. The local florist reportedly had to use every single flower in the shop, filling “multiple trucks” and dropping them off at Gomez’s home. We’d like to imagine Justin almost went with chocolates, but realized in time that they might melt into one giant fused candy mess. We’re not saying we wouldn’t happy accept such a gift, but we know not everyone has a special bunker specifically for massive chocolate-related monstrosities.

It seems like there are two types of guys who would bring 4,000 lbs of roses to your stoop: a guy who is actually your friend who has unfortunately misread your signals, and your boyfriend Justin Bieber. Those are the only options. However, since the blossoms reported didn’t arrived on the 14th, was Justin’s grand gesture an apology for spending Valentine’s Day with Mama Bieber? Or, just like Justin’s shopping spree at Victoria’s Secret, were the flowers simply Justin’s way of reminding Gomez that every day is like Valentine’s Day when your life is Bieber-fied? Justin had better start getting ready for next year now, though. If you’re sixteen and you had to hire a moving company to deliver your girlfriend a gift, chances are she’s going to expect something even more amazing, and gargantuan, next year.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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