Detroit Is Actually Getting A RoboCop Statue


In a rare moment of internet pseudo-irony coming to real-life fruition, an online campaign has successfully raised $50,000 to build a RoboCop statue in the city of Detroit. Pete Hottelet, founder of Omni Consumer Products (the group building the statue), answered some critical questions about the Detroit Needs A RoboCop project and what the statue will look like:

Gun or no gun?

Again, going back to the reasoning along the same lines as the Superman statue. Superman has deadly heat vision, and he uses it when necessary, but the concepts and ideals that he stands for are not irrevocably tied to the use of deadly force.

Ummm…not to argue semantics here, but have you seen Robocop? He shoots literally everyone in the movie, including multiple gaffers, production assistants, and the “I’d buy that for a dollar!” What-TV-In-The-Future-Is guy. Building a RoboCop statue without a gun would be as pointless as building a statue of Wayne Gretzky without a gun. (If all statues had guns, there’d be no statue crime!)

In a perfect world, who would attend the RoboCop reveal statue party?

Not ED-209. He’s a total buzzkill. It would be incredible to have Peter Weller at the unveiling, as well as anyone else from the movie that wanted to attend. 2012 is nearly the 25th anniversary of the first movie!

Dude – ED-209 is dead. He’s obviously not going to be attending. Ever think maybe his robot family is gonna read this article? That’s pretty uncool. Would you also be like, “I hope Michael Jackson doesn’t attend!” See how insensitive that sounds? And that is a perfect analogy.

You can read the rest of the statue details at io9. It’s pretty exciting to live in an age where we can easily raise money to honor a fake vigilante cyborg from 25 years ago, but can’t even go to the moon. Wait, we did that. Carry on then! Just make sure Red from That 70s Show is nowhere near the unveiling.

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