Oscars Cut James Franco’s Burlesque Song From Program, Ruin Oscars


Seriously, why can’t the Academy just let James Franco be great? According to James’ twitter account, Franco recorded Cher’s Burlesque song only to have it yanked from Sunday’s show. “They pulled this from the oscar show. damn it,” Franco tweeted last night, linking to a clip of Franco singing Cher’s epic “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me.” Considering the bigwigs upstairs clearly hired an unpredictable Franco to do wacky bits like this, we can’t imagine why they’d want to stifle his creative genius so close to the production. Ugh, now all this fan fiction we wrote about James Franco transforming into Cher and performing at the Oscars just makes us look like idiots. Just idiots.

While it’s often hard to tell when James is joking vs. what’s a serious endeavor (see also: Franco’s mustache, Franco’s career over the last 12 months, etc), but from the sound of his earnest attempts at belting, Franco seems to be legitimately trying. That makes us like the song even more, given the fact that Franco knows he can’t sing. “I’m crap at . . .I’m not the best dancer. I’m not the best singer, either,” James revealed to The Guardian. As for as we’re concerned, the Academy might as well cut out the glorious moose knuckle from the inevitable Black Swan parody, or pull the plug on the giant garbage flume Franco and Anne Hathaway will undoubtedly ride to a fiery death ala Toy Story 3. Sometimes we wonder if the Oscars really want to be great after all. We honestly do.

Want to hear Franco take on Cher? We’ve got it for you below.

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