FUBAR: Meet The Worst Anti-Abortion Ad Ever


Freedom of Speech is one of the most fundamental rights we have as Americans. Freedom of Assh*les, however, is something entirely different. And we’re sad to say this anti-abortion billboard in New York City falls under the latter category. Found on 6th Ave. and Watts Street, merely 3 blocks away from a Soho Planned Parenthood Clinic, the ad portrays an adorable African-American toddler with the text “The Most Dangerous Place For An African-American Child Is In The Womb.”

Their website, which I visited for the purposes of this post, claims that our generation is being wiped out due to abortions. Um, newsflash? Our Earth isn’t even going to have the resources to feed our population by the year 2050, and that’s assuming the aliens from Independence Day don’t get here first.

If these people really cared about stopping abortions and lowering our population crisis, they should stop worrying about women’s bodies and start a campaign encouraging castration. Pretty sure that’s the only solution. And, O, the hilarious racist billboards!

Side-note: Is this little girl pictured a child model roped into posing for such an offensive ad? Because I would like to see a billboard featuring the faces of her horrified stage parents.

(Click the pic to enlarge.)

[Photo: Splash News]

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