Katy Perry Slams Media “Filth” For Making Her Look Like A Hypocrite Again


So here’s the deal. A few days ago Marina (of Marina & The Diamonds) asked fans on Twitter how they felt about product placement in music videos. Former tour buddy Katy Perry responded “do it w/style & grace…Not so in ur face like some. U hv to get creative w/it. Some artists don’t care tho, & u can tell.” Naturally, some bloggers let the world know Katy felt some pop stars don’t show the same “style & grace” she does when slipping mobile devices into her videos. Still smarting from when she was accused of hypocrisy for calling Lady Gaga’s blasphemous videos “cheap” and saying Miley Cyrus dresses slutty, Katy tweeted her anger over the internet’s tendency to notice when she¬† gets pious.

“Dear tabloid media aka FILTH: pls note I expressed an overall feeling bout product placement, their roles in vids & the art of them being complimenting or sticking out. Most, if not ALL popsters welcome deals w/products 2 offset costs of big budget vids in these recessional…music industry times. I’VE used them in MY vids before & am happy 2b able 2 make a better vid because of. Once AGAIN, stop pitting artists..against artist for ur sensational satisfaction & stick to what ur best @: lying, gossiping, exaggerating & overall lending a hand 2 the…deterioration of a generation.” Wait a sec, Katy’s against cheap sensationalism now? We’re totally gonna take back anything we’ve said about her being a self-righteous hypocrite now.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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