David Arquette Trainwreck Started With Drinking In Kindergarten


In case you were wondering when Courteney Cox‘s husband went completely off the rails, the fact David Arquette started drinking at age four suggests it was before he could wear shoes without Velcro. “I had my first drink of beer, I must have been four years old,” an exhausted-looking Arquette explains in an interview with Oprah Winfrey today. “I was down in the basement with my dad, and beer was there, and I just grabbed it and drank it, and I remember that, it’s one of my earliest memories.” Yikes, at that rate David could have hit rock bottom at 13, gotten separated at 14 and completed rehab in time to get his learner’s permit.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just booze that distracted David from the important things in life, like learning the alphabet. “I seriously started drinking probably when I was about twelve,” David admitted. “Kids are doing a lot of stuff very early. I stole pot from my dad when I was eight years old.” Despite what his many Howard Stern interviews might suggest, Arquette wants to save his marriage wife Courteney Cox, even in light of the harsh truths she revealed during his intervention at the hands of sister Patricia Arquette and friends. “I’m not attracted to you right now,” Cox reportedly told him. “She said, ‘I don’t want to be your mother anymore.’ I felt really sort of abandoned at that point,” David admitted. We guess when you’re tipsy during Show ‘N’ Tell, you don’t pick up on the finer points of relationship building. Here’s hoping Arquette can get a handle on his hard-partying ways, or else he is never going to get out of theĀ  Time Out Chair, i.e. the fold-out couch in Courteney’s guest house.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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