Donald Glover’s Rap Alter Ego, Childish Gambino, Drops His Video For “Freaks And Geeks”


There are probably a number of you who only know Donald Glover from his work as Troy on Community. And you know what? That’s totally fine! It’s totally cool by us if you not as steeped in the origin story of Donald Glover as we are. So let’s break it down, shall we?

Glover got his start as a member of the comedy troupe Derrick, an ensemble which released a movie called Mystery Team back in 2009 (which comes with a coveted Dan Hopper endorsement, mind you!). Glover is also a talented writer (he was a staff writer for 30 Rock) and, believe it or not, a shockingly good rapper. Glover’s hip-hop alter ego is Childish Gambino, and he’ll be releasing an album under that moniker on March 8. The video for his first single off the record, “Freaks And Geeks,” just hit the internet a few hours ago and it’s already a trending topic on Twitter.


The song mixes the hilarious with the profane, but this is not what anyone would call joke rap. It’s not corny, not in the slightest; rather, it’s very articulate and filled with pop culture references of both highbrow (e.e. cummings) and lowbrow (The Big Bang Theory) nature. His flow is akin to Drake’s, only he’s more nasally and a bit more aggressive with how he attacks verses. But we’re just going to get out of the way now and let you take this new video in. (Oh, btw, if you work at an office, now might be a good time to put on your headphones, his rhymes are pretty NSFW.)

Donald Glover will be touring these great United States of ours pretty soon. Tickets go on sale next week!

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