NPH And Ellen Reenact Four Best Picture Nominees In 3 Minutes


Now you don’t have to run out and see 127 Hours this weekend, or keep telling people you totally understood the end of Inception (we didn’t believe you anyway). To prep the population at large for their respective Oscar pools, Ellen and Neil Patrick Harris reenacted four Best Picture Nominees in a little over three minutes, and damn if they aren’t pretty much spot-on. As far as we know, that is; we’re not exactly caught up on the whopping ten nominated movies. How do we put this? If it came out in 2010 and didn’t feature a CGI bear or vampire parody, then we did not even bother.

Based on the pair’s creative take on each film, True Grit apparently stars NPH wearing braids and rattlesnake bites, and The Social Network featured a life-size cardboard cut-out of Ellen. Yup, sounds about right to us. Any chance they can come back and do The King’s Speech? We’re sure it’s great, but there are just not enough hours between now and Sunday evening. We think there’s a top hat involved; is that enough to convince people we’ve seen it?

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