Top Chef‘s Carla Was A Real-Life Model


It is no secret that our favorite Top Chef: All Stars contestant Carla Hall is a former model. And we can kind of see it. She’s tall, thin, and has an unusual face. Would you call her beautiful? Yes. But not in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit way. In more of a Tilda Swinton How Unusual way. Because of this, we were veeeeerrrrry interested in seeing Carla’s modeling pics. And thankfully, iVillage got their hands on her portfolio.

Would she be cooking Southern food badly? (Her trademark.) Would she be wide-eyed and waving wildly? Would she be dressed up like Treebeard from Lord Of The Rings?

Oh. Cool.

We bring you more of Carla’s photos ahead, along with some commentary. She is a veritable Meshach Taylor in some of these… (a compliment.)

Oh, so brooding. Backwards on a chair. Looking out the window and dreaming of grits, no doubt.

I would defffffffffffffffffffinitely wear this today, but I uh-digress.


How did they not pick Carla to replace Aunt Viv on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? She would have been perffff.

She’s got a little Egyptian at the Metropolitan Museum of Art thing happening. We see how she had a career in this, seriously.

Remember when Dick Tracy was a movie? Carla does too!

These are pretty and modelly. OK Carla, you did it! You are a model. We believe ya.


Here’s the Carla we know! Sassy, side-eyeing, and about to go horseback riding with Tom Colicchio.

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