Lindsay Lohan Gets Big Bucks To Appear In Graphic Nude Photo Book


Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen are both virtually unemployable these days, but Lindsay has the distinct advantage of being a woman, and when all else fails, she can take her clothes off for money. (Sorry, Charlie, no one wants to see your drug-ravaged body.) Reportedly, Lohan just signed a whopping $4.3 million deal to appear in a book of photographs taken by sleazy photographer Terry Richardson, and the photos will include “full frontal nudity” and “graphic” shots. To make things more confusing, James Franco has also agreed to appear in the book and reportedly took time out of his Oscar rehearsal schedule on Saturday night to do a shoot with Lohan and Richardson.

This won’t be the first time Lindsay’s agreed to a nude photo spread; two years ago she bared all (well, almost all, there was no full-frontal) for a New York Magazine shoot that re-created Marilyn Monroe‘s famous “Last Sitting.” Something tells us Terry Richardson’s standards for nudity will be quite different from Marilyn’s.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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