OPEN THREAD: Were The Oscars Really That Bad?


Twitter was all a-twitbuzz with vehement Oscar hate from the first second of last night’s Oscar broadcast through the final end-of-SNL ‘everyone pallin around onstage’ conclusion. While I too was not a huge fan of last night’s broadcast, the overwhelming momentum of the universal internet hate to me seems incredibly ignorant (an internet first), not because peoples’ criticisms of the show are inaccurate, but because people seem to be completely disregarding the elementary fact that the Oscars are always pretty stupid.

Certainly there’ve been funnier years; Jon Stewart and Ellen Degeneres were both far better-equipped hosts than this year’s duo, and past shows have had the occasional inspired presentation, but as for beginning-to-end Oscar telecasts, it’s just not the Oscars without painfully stilted award intros, obligatory nonsensical montages, presenters who can’t read, musical numbers no one cares about including the performers, a total lack of self-awareness, Academy executives popping in to bore the sh*t out of everyone, and nauseating self-important speeches about having pretended to be a dude in a thing. THIS CRAP HAPPENS EVERY YEAR, people.

The overwhelming universal hate of this year’s Oscars reminds me of the automatic annual complaints about “how bad the Super Bowl commercials were” every year, as though this year’s thirty-second corporate nutshots can’t possibly compare to the glorious yesteryear of frogs saying “Budweiser” and a Pepsi guy beating the sh*t out of a Coke guy (will we ever recapture such magic??) Yes, the Oscars this year were stupid. But we’re also old enough to realize how stupid this self-congratulatory jerkfest is, and we’re all on Twitter and able to express that hate in seconds, so is it any wonder that the end result is a general, snowballed hatred of what is in effect just another installment in a thing that’s always dumb?

To put it another way, what could the Oscars have possibly done to have everyone on Twitter saying “I believe that the Academy Awards broadcast was truly excellent this year. That is my Tweet.” Last night had some painful, paaaaainful moments, but we do all remember the “five nominees each getting complimented by five separate presenters” thing they tried the one year, right?

Your open thread question for the day: Were the Oscars really the worst thing ever? Or were they just comparably stupid or marginally more stupid than they are every year? Debate away in the comments.

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