You Can’t Process Charlie Sheen With A Normal Brain Says Charlie Sheen


Here’s a little background if you’re not yet up to speed. Charlie Sheen was supposed to do an exclusive interview with ABC News. ABC News had huge plans to air different parts of their one of a kind interview on all their news shows, get people talking about the whole thing, and really just rake in that Charlie Sheen interview money. But then, OUT OF THE BLUE, it turns out Charlie Sheen also did an interview with NBC News. It’s almost like you can’t even trust megalomaniac star actors who are on 43,000 drugs anymore.

Anyway, what is happening to Charlie Sheen is undeniably sad. It would be nice if he could step out of the public eye and take care of his problems in private with the help of a loving family and professionals who know how to get people through to the other side of substance abuse. That, however, is not happening, and now we all have to feel like jerks for being wildly entertained by Charlie Sheen explaining on television that he’s “bitching a total frickin’ rockstar from Mars” and that “you can’t process [him] with a normal brain.”

From the Today Show this morning, he’s a clip of the NBC interview:

But remember the movie, Lucas? He was so nice in that.

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