Cat, Rat, Dog, Sunglasses And Chair All Live Happily Together


From Splash:

“The harmonious inter-species dog-cat-rat family are the family of Animal Whisperer Brian Cottrill. The happy animals all reside in Venice, California where Brian hopes his displays of effective animal training and psychology will help the reputation of his beloved pit bull terriers.”

Your Coworker: What are you looking at?

You: Oh, just a cat and a rat on a chair and a dog in sunglasses.

Your Coworker: Together?! Holy sh*t, are they like a family or something?

You: Yes.

Your Coworker: Let’s all get candy for lunch.

As if the dog in sunglasses wouldn’t have been enough. What a cool dog. Anyway, that trainer, Brian Cotrill, seems like an awesome guy. I bet he has a smile plastered permanently to his face. No?

Oh, yeah, no. Wow. That face could not be less congruous with the surroundings. Even his power laces and the man in the foreground offering him a treat aren’t enough to make this guy happy. What’s it going to take, Brian?!

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