Charlie Sheen Bought Out Stadium To Catch Homerun In 1996


In a little under a week, Charlie Sheen has gone from “actor on a show I hate” to “let me DVR Piers Morgan because Charlie Sheen is on tonight.” Admit it. Never before have we given such a care for what Charlie Sheen has to say.

But an even better question: Where has this maniac been all these years?? Are you telling me he’s been wasting this manic genius brain of his on porn stars? Tragedy. Because it seems like Sheen’s brain genie has always been floating around in there, just waiting for someone to rub his bottle the wrong way and let the genius out.

Like back in 1996, when Sheen bought out an entire section of a baseball stadium in an effort to catch a homerun. From a Sports Illustrated blurb from way back when:

Actor Charlie Sheen paid $6,537.50 to buy most of the seats behind the leftfield fence in Anaheim Stadium last Friday night, hoping to catch a home run ball. Sheen and three friends sat alone, 20 rows up, and watched the California Angels-Detroit Tigers game, on the chance that someone—preferably Tigers slugger Cecil Fielder—might postmark a round-tripper to their vicinity. “I didn’t want to crawl over the paying public,” said Sheen, the hell-raising star of Hot Shots! Part Deux (Ed. Note: LOLOL) and other cinematic landmarks, in explaining why he bought up the 2,615 seats. “I wanted to avoid the violence.” Alas, no one homered and the Sheen crew went ball-less.

This is the kinda crazy son of a bitch I could hang with. But only in the Major League glasses. (Swoon.)

(With thanks to @thighmaster for the tip)

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