Charlie Sheen Shows Off His “Goddesses” On Today


Somehow we don’t think this will calm the network. The second part of Charlie Sheen’s Today interview aired this morning, with Sheen introducing his two “goddesses,” porn star Bree Olson and Cali Chronic pin-up girl Natalie Kenly, to the talk show. Turns out they not only hang out with Sheen, but his kids as well. “We run errands, eat, play with the kids,” says Kenly. “I wish I was with them now,” said Olson. “I don’t want to put them down.” Though Kenly jokes about “the days where we sit with the gold pom-poms and everything” (“don’t run with that!” groaned Sheen), the actor did his best to suggest his new family at the “Sober Valley Lodge” was a happy one. “These women don’t judge me, lead with opinions, lead with their own needs all the time. They are honest enough to say, park your nonsense. What I tell them is don’t live in the middle. Get away from your ego and emotions. Therein lies the solution.” Word? “I told Charlie, I’m on the bus,” said Kenly. “I don’t care where the bus is going.”

Check out photos of Charlie’s goddesses in the gallery below. “Don’t be worried,” says Sheen. “Celebrate this movement.”

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