Rumor We Love: Robsten “So In Love” While Shopping In Sherman Oaks


Way to have your Robsten cake and eat it too, Ted Casablanca. The E! Online scribe is throwing doubt on the rumor that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were kissing on the dance floor at a pre-Oscar party last weekend, saying his sources didn’t even see the couple there. Plus, it’s not like these two are into public displays like that, right? But wait! Turns out Ted’s people did spot the duo getting close somewhere more private, though—a vintage clothing store in Sherman Oaks!

Yes, E! claims that RPattz and KStew were at American Vintage last Saturday, and “it was very obvious they were so in love.” Were they rutting in the dressing room or something? “Rob was a total gentleman, and was very attentive to Kristen. He also paid for everything they bought.” Well with their Twi-cash, they could have bought the damn store. So wait, Ted can’t believe they’d dance at a private Hollywood party, but he can believe they’d cuddle about a hip clothing store infinitely more likely to contain a Twi-hard or thirty? Next time try to put the contradictory logic in separate posts, dude.

[Photo: WireImage]

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