Sandwich Place Redeems Itself With New Sandwich Names


A few weeks ago, Katla McGlynn at Huffington Post Comedy posted a picture of a menu from a local Brooklyn corner store/sandwich shop called Hana Food.  Hana Food is a great little place. It’s open all night and the employees are very nice.  However, they seem to fumble a little bit with their sandwich naming. Their menu originally contained sandwich names like the “Gay Boy” and the “Butter Face.” They also had a sandwich with avocado and jalapeno called “The Illegal.” What a mess.  But, after complaints presumably, they crossed out those names on all the menus and wrote in more innocuous titles.

Then, last night, Hana Foods came roaring back into the sandwich naming game. This time they went the really-on-the-nose-route and, in doing so, absolutely knocked it out of the park.

For the record, no. You cannot use Hanna Foods’ bathroom. Though that is a perfect name for a sandwich with sausage and corned beef on it. Weed is a good name for a sandwich too, but it probably could have used an exclamation mark at the end. “Weed!”

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