Did Susan Sarandon And Judah Friedlander Hook Up On-Set At 30 Rock?


We know what you’re thinking: does he leave his hat on? No, sorry, that’s the second thing you think after “Whaaaaaaaaaaa?” Rumors that Susan Sarandon and Judah Friedlander hooked up on the 30 Rock set are no joke, however. A source claimed the two “hooked up” while Sarandon stopped by to film a cameo, though Friedlander says they are just friends. Both avid table tennis fans, Sarandon and Friedlander played a ping pong benefit this fall at Sarandon’s SPiN club. You guys, the man literally wears his heart on his…head. The second that trucker hat says “I Heart Macking It With Susan Sarandon,” then we’ll know.

While Friedlander looks like he has a very intense, intimate relationship with his right hand, Sarandon is rumored to be dating her business partner Jonathan Bircklin. When asked by the New York Post about his relationship with the Thelma & Louise star, Friedlander joked, “You know, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to only go out with Oscar winners.” Later, 30 Rock‘s Frank texted the reported to tell them, “I just can’t say either way what’s going on with me and Susan.” We guess when Judah claims to be the World Champion, the word “lover” is implied. Right? Sorry, terrible mental image.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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