Ryan Gosling Seduces The Animal Kingdom


The entire ecosystem of the planet is doodling “Mrs. Ryan Gosling” in it’s notebook today after  Ryan Gosling visited zoo animals with co-star Evan Rachel Wood. The pair are in Ohio to film The Ides Of March with George Clooney, and Ryan took the time Monday to tenderly show his affection to the okapis, sloths and adorable penguins of the Cincinati Zoo And Botanical Garden. It’s like the beginning of The Lion King, except instead of baby Simba Rafiki’s holding up Ryan’s leather jacket and two tickets to Rango (or whatever movies animals like to see; we aren’t the Dog Whisperer over here).

Not content to romance the animals of the land and air, Gosling took Olivia Wilde to a Cincinnati aquarium to see if his handsomeness transmits through water. Good thing there’s a thick pane of glass between Olivia and those manatees, is all we’re saying. You can check out more photos of Ryan at the zoo over at Best Week Ever. Just be aware that you’re going to have to physically restrain your pets from trying to crawl inside your monitor.

[Photo: The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens]

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