Classic Sheen: Photos Of Charlie From The Good Old Days


Remember when Charlie Sheen was just a party guy who drank and smoked and no one really cared? For two decades he basically lived a crazy life under the radar, at least relatively speaking.  Sure, there was the time that his gun accidentally went off and shot then-fiancée Kelly Preston, but how were we to know that Charlie’d end up ranting about tiger blood and showing off his porn star “goddess” babysitters on Today? For the last two decades, Sheen has been a poster boy for life in the fast line, and in 2011, he’s (somehow) living proof that there are repercussions to years of abuse.

We compiled a gallery of some of the most iconic shots of good-time Charlie, so let’s take a walk down memory lane and check out Carlos Irwin Estevez (sorry, that’s racist) back when he was a young scamp, before he turned into a monster.

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