Hold The F*cking Phone: Chad Michael Murray Drops “Michael” From Name


Serious Actor Face

Chad Michael Murray covers the April issue of Troix magazine. In it, Chad Michael Murray says that he learned a lot on the set of One Tree Hill. Chad Michael Murray also states that it’s his dream to one day work with Darren Aronofsky, Martin Scorsese and Terry Gilliam.

Hold on, let me just take a sip from my mug of tea.

Chad Michael Murray also says that he’s dropping the “Michael” from his name-SPIT TAKE-HOLD THE F*CKING PHONE CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY! You can’t just drop the Michael from your name! Where would we be without our double first named former teen heart throbs? From Jonathan Taylor Thomas to Sarah Jessica Parker? If you think this will make you a more serious actor, think again. It’s your Michael that defines you, CdoubleM. Or should I call you CM. I won’t. Listen, RZA and GZA are never going to call you “Chad Murray” in a charming and hilarious way. That’s reserved for Bill Murray. You need these three names. They work as a team. When one member of the team drops out, the whole name falls apart. Do you see what I’m saying? THERE IS AN M IN TEAM!

Please take my words to heart and reconsider.


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