Jimmy Fallon Sums Up All You Ever Need To Know About Charlie Sheen


Yesterday I made a vow. To myself, to all of you, to not talk about Charlie Sheen. I made some pretty great puns. About having Sheen enough. So, I would like to apologize for posting this video, mostly to myself. Dear Sarah, I apologize. However, I’m breaking this vow of shileence* because Jimmy Fallon, doing a spot on impression, effectively sums up all you ever need to know about Sheen. It’s like the Cliff’s Notes of Sheen. So, watch this and learn everything you need to know, and like you did with Moby Dick in high school, fake your way through discussions, knowing the basic plot points.

Much like Tina Fey’s first impression of Sarah Palin, there is absolutely no need for him to do anything rather than use 96% actual quotes from Sheen. Now forget about Sheen and go read Moby Dick. I’m reinstating my vow.

* Sheen+silence=shileence. Least effective pun so far.


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