Bradley Cooper Says No Hangover Part II For Bill Clinton, Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen might be riding high on all the attention he’s getting recently (in addition to Riding The Snake), but it looks like he won’t be showing his mug in at least one medium any time soon, Major League 3 excluded. According an E! interview with Bradley Cooper, Charlie Sheen and Bill Clinton will not appear in The Hangover Part II, despite numerous rumors to the contrary. “Bill Clinton, we saw him give a speech in Bangkok,” Cooper went on to explain. “Me and Zachie [Galifianakis] and Todd [Phillips]…were honored enough to have dinner with him.” Despite their evening with the former president, Clinton clearly has more important things to do, like helping create some sort of defense plan in case Sheen’s warlock army finally makes it to the surface.

While the Two And A Half Men star will probably miss out on the chance to appear on the big screen in 2011, Sheen’s media presence is still expanding with SpikeTV’s animated special Charlie Sheen’s Winningest Moments. Teaming up with Taiwanese media company NWA, SpikeTV will present a fine selection of Sheen’s most over-the-top moments rendered in CGI. Charlie already owns the internet so hard, it was only a matter of time before the computers got together and made a homage to their new leader #cyberwinning.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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