Emily Blunt’s Top 20 Hottest Outfits


Emily Blunt hasn’t had the best luck at the box office—none of her movies have cracked $100m since her 2006 breakout in The Devil Wears Prada, and we’re not sure whether The Adjustment Bureau a.k.a. The Mad Men Matrix will do the trick (though audiences love Matt Damon, and may be hungry for another surreal film about a suited stud after Inception). No matter how the film does, she’s bound to have another big hit sooner or later—Hollywood isn’t going to let such a seductive British beauty sit on the sidelines.

Blunt’s shown an interest in everything from the silly (Gulliver’s Travels) to the scary (The Wolfman), and it’s easy to imagine her improving just about any type of movie. In 2012 she’ll do some Salmon Fishing In The Yemen with Ewan McGregor and try to make sense of time travel in Looper with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Now if we could just get her to do more red carpet appearances with husband John Krasinski—they’re so cute together!

20. Periwinkle Poise

19. Blue-Eyed Babe

18. Shining Silhouette

17. Detailed Doll

16. Ballerina Belle

15. Foxy Poppies

14. 50’s Glam

13. Circle Circle Dot Dot

12. Bow Down To The Queen

11. Silk Train

10. Dripping In Diamonds

9. Flower Effect

8. Crystal Bound

7. Scarlet Scales

6. Lace Lust

5. Thank You Mauvy Much

4. Blush Tones

3. God Save The Queen

2. Roaring Red

1. Wolfbait

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