Confirmed: Cyndi Lauper Is The Best, Sings “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” At Airport


We’ve all been there: Stranded at the airport, forced to eat over-priced, non-delicious airport sandwiches. Compelled by alcoholism boredom to drink sub par, $13 Bloody Mary’s. (Except you, Newark Airport International Departures bar. You’re great. Never change.) Sometimes we’re in Salt Lake City where the alcohol content in beer is less than .002 percent. Fact. And we are STUCK. The power that the airport wields over us is incredible. We try to sneak into the fancy peoples private clubs where they sauna and eat petit fours and sip Chablis, only to be tased when we cross the threshold.* Most of us just try to make it through without strangling the dude next to us who breathes weird. Not all of us are lucky enough to be stranded in the Buenos Aires airport with one CYNDI LAUPER, who decides to take matters into her own hands and serenade us all with one of the best songs EVER:

What a treasure. An American treasure. She’s STILL GOT IT. I guess she sang two songs. Hope the other one was from The Goonies.

*Slight exaggeration.

UK Metro

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