Kamofie & Co Sells Lindsay Surveillance Video, May Have Helped Her Case


You’re probably as saturated by Lindsay Lohan news as we are. Especially since she stole that necklace from Kamofie & Co. The last we had bothered to take notice of her legal drama was that the judge had refused to consider any plea bargain that didn’t have Li.Lo doing time in it. Now a twist has caused us to sit up and take notice again. Apparently, Kamofie & Co sold the surveillance tape of Lindsay with the necklace at the store, for more than $35,000! If you remember correctly, it was that video that was the most damning bit of evidence against her.  A source reveals that both the prosecution and the defense are not happy at all with this news saying, “Neither side wanted it released. Neither side sanctioned this sale. The tape was sold in the U.S and abroad.”

Sounds super shady to us, but the company’s spokesperson Christopher Spencer says that it’s a legitimate move because Lindsay’s alleged theft has affected the store pretty badly. He revealed, “Customers have stayed away from the store because of paparazzi and the controversy. We worked with the non-profit organization known as the Associated Press to allow legitimate journalists and news access to the video.” Whatever, dude. That’s a fancy way of saying you sold her out to the highest bidder. What they didn’t realize, is that they’ve most likely helped Lindsay’s case and worked in her favor! Her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley apparently thinks that the sale of the video vastly damages the stores credibility. A source explained, “… Holley has an excellent argument that the owners could have inflated the price of the necklace to the authorities. Holley will likely ask that in light of these new developments that Lindsay be sentenced to jail for no more than one to thirty days. If she got sentenced to thirty days, she would serve about seven days…” We’ll keep you posted on this latest turn of events.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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