Flashback! Young Nicole Kidman Loved Dirt Bikes, Curly Bangs In BMX Bandits


What would the world be like if the Nicole Kidman we know today was the same as Nicole Kidman that existed as a teen in 1983? For starters, more A-listers would probably be tooling around Hollywood on their totally sweet dirt bikes. In celebration of the Blu-ray release of Nicole Kidman’s first movie BMX Bandits, here’s an interview of a 16-year-old Kidman on Young Talent Time. We cannot get over how different little Aussie Nicole looks. Yeah, sure Kidman has already admitted to using Botox, but we didn’t know she also had major cosmetic surgery on her hair. If Nicole had keep that Muppet do, sheep dog look-a-likes would be roaming the red carpets today. Pauly Shore might never have faded from the public eye. Our entire society would be upside down!

In case you ever doubted that Nicole could be a part of a crime-fighting biker gang who battles karate-chopping bad guys, EW interviewed BMX director Brian Trenchard-Smith, who raved about the young star. “They didn’t want me to cast her because she was taller than the two boys in the film,” Trenchard- Smith gushed. “I said, ‘Are you crazy!’ She had legs up to her armpits and a big shock of red hair and a gorgeous face. The camera loved her. She was ‘IT’ as far as I was concerned. She has screen chemistry and not every actor has that.” At least Nicole never lost that star power. Now if only the rest of the us were still as bike-safety-conscious as teenage Nicole was, the world would be a far better place.

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