The Old Spice Guy Is Single & Ready To Mingle, Though Not With Kathy Griffin


We’re personally closer to Kathy Griffin than Isaiah Mustafa on the scale of 1 to…well, Isaiah Mustafa, so we secretly thrilled to hear rumors that the Old Spice Guy and Kathy Griffin might be dating. Unfortunately, life is so rarely like the plot of She’s All That, and today the man himself went out of the way to establish that Isaiah Mustafa is single. Not that he doesn’t love and admire his friend Kathy, just not in that way. “I think she is amazing!” Mustafa gushed about the carrot-top comedian. “I think she’s a force of nature. And she’s on Broadway, so if you get a chance, go check her out!” Looks like we’ll have to find someone else to love our ponytail, glasses and paint-spattered overalls…we mean Kathy’s! Yeah, that’s the ticket…

So if Ms. Griffin isn’t currently using Isaiah’s strong yet forgiving chest as a pillow, which lucky lady is? “I just happen to be a single man!” Mustafa explained. “I like brunettes. I like red-heads or gingers. I like blonds!” BUT WHAT ABOUT PAINT-SPATTERED OVERALLS? Can’t they ever get any love?

[Photo: Kathy Griffin’s Twitter]

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