Looking For More Diverse Friends? Check Out Raceharmony.com!


Raceharmony.com is a new friend making website launched by Johnny Walker (no relation*) and Pedro Hernandez. It’s aimed at helping people of different races befriend each other. Like eHarmony but for friends. Who don’t look like you. They also have several different shows in production, including this one, called Goldfish Swap. What happens when a family from the suburbs and a family from the inner city swap goldfishes???

It is, of course, a joke. All of it. So peruse the site, have a laugh, then think about the issue of race in America and then stop laughing and then watch Goldfish Swap again and be like, “Wait, is that racist-am I racist-sh*t, I need a more diverse set of friends who can tell me these things” and get OUT there! White people will be at the country club/Tea Party rallies, black people will be in the inner city/White House, Asians will be in the laundromats/The Black Eyed Peas and Latinos will be at the bodegas/judging American Idol, just to give you a running start. OH NO WAS THAT RACIST????

*Actually, he’s my brother. Nepotism. Deal with it. Clearly I’m drunk with the power of being a part time blogger.

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