These Mad Men Make An Excellent Case For Train Travel


Whilst watching this, I felt similarly to how I feel when I ride a train: comfortable, sleepy, slightly drunk. I do love trains. I do! There’s something old-timey and relaxing about them. You watch the landscape pass, you can drink wine (or beer if you’re heading into The City to that DMB concert at MSG-high five, brah!) and sometimes they sell peanut M&M’s. They’re only annoying when there’s a teenager on his iPad device playing a video contest too loudly or it’s Thanksgiving and you’re just praying that you get a seat/don’t run into your arch nemesis/nemesi from high school. Other than that, I prefer the train over all over forms of public transport and sometimes more than a car. Exactly what these Mad Mens are saying:

Best line/delivery:
“Have you ever driven a car? They’re not that complicated.”
“They look complicated.”
“Well they’re not.”


Funny Or Die

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