Ke$ha Caught “Nearly Fornicating” At Rihanna Concert, Never Disappoints


In a grocery store. In an O.R. In a salt mine 3,500 feet beneath the earth’s surface: Ke$ha doesn’t care where she is when she wants to get her freak on. Listening to Rihanna is, of course, a natural setting for human love making, but when Ke$ha hooked up with DJ Calvin Harris at Rihanna’s concert Tuesday, they were in a Melbourne arena filled with thousands of screaming fans. That actually sounds pretty encouraging! “They were getting right into it,” a source reported to the Melbourne Herald Sun. “They were practically fornicating. They were all over each other and didn’t care who was watching.” Um, have you ever heard “Only Girl In The World”? Who can blame her? That’s all we’re saying.

Harris, who’s worked with bands like The Ting Tings, is currently spinning for Rihanna’s Last Girl on Earth tour, making us wonder if Ke$ha even let him finish his set before stripping him. Boning in public and tattooing her fans by hand: Ke$ha’s living the dream. Sure, maybe it’s a dream she had after eating rancid potato salad and falling asleep in a dry baby pool, but still, it’s a dream nonetheless.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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