Tila Tequila Takes On Domestic Violence In Music Video


As much as we enjoy mocking Tila Tequila, her new music video is nothing to laugh at. The eccentric (we’re being nice today) reality TV star addresses the ugliness of domestic violence with her new single “Walking on Thin Ice,” and we’re intrigued by her more serious turn. Who knew Tila could be so introspective and sensitive?

Tila says that the video, which portrays the unraveling of a relationship at the hands of an abusive partner, “was created in a way where the woman isn’t just the victim; she is also a survivor. I want women to see that you can get out of an abusive relationship and hopefully do it BEFORE something horrible happens to you or your partner. I am hoping that people can see that this video doesn’t promote or glorify abuse; that in fact, it is promoting change and strength.”

Amen to that. And Tila, please hear our plea: more speaking out against violence against women, less wearing belts around your breasts while sitting spread eagle on D List red carpets!

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