Justin Bieber Causes Mass Hysteria In Liverpool, Came This Close To A Riot


This news is just crazy. Justin Bieber nearly caused a riot in Liverpool, England yesterday. When fans heard he was staying at the Hard Days Night hotel, they swarmed by the hundreds. The Beatles similarities are uncanny! The Fab Four were also from Liverpool and now Justin’s causing a replica of the hysteria that surrounded them. Justin was supposed to go for a Beatles tour around the city, but that’s out of the window now! Forget leaving his hotel—police warned (and even threatened to arrest) the Biebs or any member of his team against going anywhere near the balcony for fear that it would incite or turn into a “possible riot situation”. Roads surrounding the hotel had to be shut down because of the situation. Bieber sounded like he couldn’t believe it himself and tweeted, ” THIS IS CRAZY!

Finally after a while, police allowed Justin to go on the balcony, believing it would placate the crowds (read: the girls going nuts). Justin had earlier sent out a soothing tweet that read, “trying to work it out so I can say whatup to my fans”. That’s him in the balcony, and he even made a heart sign to the hordes. Unfortunately, even the appearance didn’t help because the girls didn’t budge! Check out the gallery below to see the madness the Bieliebers caused.

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