Can You Deer Me Now: Deer Loses Ears, Gains Trendy Headwrap


Ohhh myyyy Goddd willlll youuuuu looooook atttttt thiiiiiiiis guuuuuuyyyy?

Our favorite hospital for miniature rescued deers, St. Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, has nearly outdone themselves with this latest find. A baby Muntjac deer nicknamed “Bless Her Little Heart” lost both of her ears in a dog attack in Oxford, England. While this story already seems delightfully heartbreaking, it gets better: She became best friends with a fellow male deer named Max, and now the two are boyfriend and girlfriend. Boyfriend and f-ing girlfriend baby deers, one of whom looks remarkably like the deer version of Erykah Badu.

You would be wise to click ahead for not only a photo of these lovebirds as well as the HOOF CLOSE-UP OF 2011.


This is Bless Her Heart and her boyfriend Max re-enacting the climax of Sophie’s Choice.

Can we please start a campaign to get me a VIP pass to the Tiggywinkles Hospital? Because this is the only location named in my new book “One Places To See Before I Die.”

[Photos: Splash News]

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