Freaks And Geeks and Undeclared Casts Reunite In LA


We know school is important to you, James Franco, but we think you’re going to regret not attending your high school reunion—at least the reunion of the Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared casts that went down this weekend at the Paley Center. After all, if Jason Segel and Linda Cardellini could both make it, despite everyone knowing Forgetting Sarah Marshall was inspired by their break-up, then anyone could could risk an awkward moment or two. Then again, maybe they wouldn’t have been so open about Franco’s “method” acting, including a crew-scaring moment where he threw on-screen lover Busy Phillips on the ground (in character). “He is the only one among all of you to be nominated for an Academy Award,” noted show creator Judd Apatow.

See photos of the cult comedy casts in the gallery below—We almost forgot that Amy Poehler was Undeclared‘s Head R.A.!

[Photos: Getty Images]

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