Is Ryan Phillippe About To Be A New Papa With His Ex?


You think Amanda Seyfried seems like pure sweetness now, with those blond locks and angelic face, but ten bucks says lasers are about to blast out of her giant Precious Moments eyeballs when she hears about this. According to US Magazine, actress Alexis Knapp is pregnant with ex Ryan Phillippe’s baby, or so claims the So Undercover star herself. “She’s in the second trimester,” a source tells US. “She has been telling people he is the father. Ryan doesn’t know if he is the dad. If he is, he will take full responsibility for the child,” another source reported. Seems like Ryan should know which women women could potentially be carrying his offspring, but we understand; it’s hard to keep track when you’re an actor.

Having dated Phillippe for a few months this summer, Knapp has a noticeable baby bump, or so suggest pics taken of the actress around L.A. Um, even if they just dated in August, that would make her about seven months pregnant; she didn’t bring this up to him before then? According to People, Knapp’s baby is due in June. Currently Phillippe is dating Amanda Seyfried, has two children with Reese Witherspoon and is rumored to have flirted with Rihanna recently: three women who are undoubtedly rolling their eyes so hard and in perfect unison, it looks like it should be a sport in the 2016 Summer Olympic.

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