Report: Mel Gibson And Oksana To Drop Dueling Lawsuits


Whether Mel Gibson pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery on Friday to protect his kids from the embarrassment of a trial or save his film career, it’s pretty clear he’ll go apocalpyto on anyone who tries to drag him back into court. When word got out over the weekend that ex-girlfriend/battery victim Oksana Grigorieva was planing a civil suit against Gibson, TMZ sources made it clear that he would return the gesture in kind, with Mel counter-suing for extortion.

While it’s noteworthy that the state has yet to charge Oksana for allegedly demanding millions to keep violent, racist audio tapes of Mel from the public, Mel was also only charged for the slapping incident he’d previously confessed to—not for Oksana’s more dramatic claims of abuse. With Mel allegedly uninterested in settling out of court, even hoping to remove Oksana’s custody of their daughter Lucia, it looks like that long, drawn-out court case he wanted to avoid could happen after all.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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