Russell Brand Used To Smash Up Dead Animals On Stage. Stop! Our Sides!


Our stomachs ache from laughing so much at the idea of Russell Brand smashing dead animals with a hammer on-stage. Oh, no, sorry, we meant to write “throwing up.” Our stomachs ache from throwing up. Author Neil Strauss informed RadarOnline that Brand copped to mushing up deceased creatures as part of his early performance art. “I’d smash them up with a hammer and then throw them into the audience and go, ‘Why are you disgusted?  I’ve just rearranged their atoms.  They’re dead already.  Nothing’s happened. You’re being shocked by nothing,'” the comedian explained. Because if you don’t give a standing ovation when someone screams and throws a dead chicken in your face, it’s probably because you just don’t “get it.” Last Comic Standing this ain’t!

While Brand was struggling with drug addiction and wasn’t yet a comic at the time, that doesn’t mean he didn’t crave applause, says Strauss. “He was clearly on drugs when he smashed the animals on stage. Also, the whole show was about shock value, because at the time he was hungry for attention because he had just started out,” he explains. So basically Russell Brand started out as Gallagher…of death. Call us squares, but we’ll take being sprayed with watermelon juice over decaying rat pieces any day, thankyouverymuch.

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