Source Says Mila Kunis Is Not Justin Timberlake’s Friend With Benefits


Just because you star in a movie called Friends With Benefits doesn’t mean you are friends with benefits in real life. That’s what a source who “knows” Mila Kunis is saying, ever since it was reported that she’s the reason her co-star Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel split.
 Sure, Timberlake and Kunis appeared to hit it off while filming and Kunis also broke up with longtime boyfriend Macaulay Culkin recently. But that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Can’t two attractive, funny people just be friends?

If you’ll recall, Kunis actually seemed unfazed when regaling us with the tale of how she saw Timberlake’s bits and pieces and how “uncomfortable” it made her, so we kinda think nothing is going on with them. Then again, other sources report that Timberlake was not only obsessed with Kunis while they were filming, but that he also hooked up with Olivia Munn and Rihanna over the past year, so we have no idea what to believe.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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