The 5 Worst The Office Bobblehead Dolls


At the NBC Experience Store in New York’s Rockefeller Center they have an enormous amount of crap you would never ever want. For example, try getting psyched about the shirt at the right.

Even in the unlikely event that you had a friend who happened to have both seen Psych and also liked it, this would be a terrible gift. “I would have rather you just saved the money and stopped being friends with people.” – Your Friend who likes Psych. But one thing in the store that it is possible someone somewhere might actually enjoy is their line of The Office bobblehead dolls. The only problem is that they are the world’s least accurate bobblehead dolls. Here are the five worst ones.

1.) Stanley

It looks like instead of having an artist just look at pictures of the characters, they got some sort of police sketch artist equivalent of a sculptor who kept interrupting people as they described the character’s faces. “Okay, so this guy is black? Say no more!”

Not even close.

2.) Ryan

Remember that episode arc where Ryan had a stubble beard and also a different face than he actual has?

3.) Kelly

This is at least as close to being a Gloria Estefan bobblehead doll as it is to being a Kelly Kapoor bobblehead doll.

4.) Andy

“We’ll take the body from the 70’s Steve Martin and the head from your middle school lab partner’s dad and BOOM. Andy!”

5.) Oscar

Nine year old Dr. Sanjay Gupta, is that you?

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