The Bully Bodyslam: A Frank Discussion


Perhaps the saddest permutation of bullying is when a kid gets physically attacked by a smaller kid and doesn’t fight back — when the kid being bullied has the needed strength and power to successfully respond, but does not. It’s as if the child has such a distorted and negative view of himself that he can’t see that he is capable of ending his own torment.

This following video has become viral today and deservedly so. It captures the exact moment a larger kid stops accepting bullying as a reality and realizes that he doesn’t have to take abuse from anyone, much less someone who is a tiny little assh*le. Both of the kids in this video will remember this moment for the rest of their lives. One will remember it as the moment that he found it in himself to take destiny into his own hands, and the other will remember it as the time he stumbled around punch drunk after being dropped RIGHT ON HIS CHILDHOOD FACE.

This video captures the kind of triumph that is only possible during youth. It is rare as an adult to have an epiphany, much less one that can be so immediately put to use. “Wait a minute… what the hell are we even talking about here? I am enormously strong.” – This Kid. And a quick warning: The video is kind of intense.

You don’t normally root for the bigger kid, but this is perfect. It’s like that scene in the remake of The Karate Kid where Jackie Chan beats up a gang of 11 year olds and your’e totally on Jackie Chan’s side. (Yes, that actually happens in a movie that is legal to watch.)

Also, for the record, the bodyslammed kid was okay. So, let’s all relax.

Thanks, Towleroad.

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