1988 Middle School Rap Video Still Great In 2011


Most people can probably remember some great moments from their middle school assemblies. My two favorite middle school assembly moments were both from student council presidential election speeches. One year, Kelly put on a yellow smiley face tee shirt and, in lieu of a speech, sang to the tune of The Monkees’ Daydream Believer that she was going to finally get our school some vending machines (she actually won, and she actually got them — it was very impressive). And then there was Justin who, with all the gravitas he could muster, proclaimed that his ideas could not be tidily put into a pre-written speech. He held his print-out in front of us, crumpled it into ball, and discarded it to stage right. He then proceeded to read from another print-out on the podium (he did not win).

It would be difficult for me to say with any certainty what anyone else from my school remembers as the best assembly moment, but I can say with confidence that if you went to Lexington Junior High in Lexington, Kentucky in 1988, this is absolutely your favorite memory.

Thanks, Videogum.

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