Basset Hounds Running On A Beach Are All We Need To Survive


You’re probably sitting at your desk right now, staring into the digital abyss that sits on your monitor, wondering what awaits you in your future. The worst song in the world is a veritable sensation, an entire country full of lovely people has been shaken drowned and radiated, and astronauts are snorting cocaine to get high. Astronauts.

But you know the old saying: When life hands you lemons, have a good cry and then marvel at a couple of basset hounds running down a beach:

Click for larger wallpaper-ready image.

Not close enough for you? We thought so:

These delightful images, brought to our attention by fellow pet enthusiast and podcaster Julie Klausner, can do no wrong. Basset hounds. Big ol’ ones. Running down a beach. Captured in our little matrix for the rest of time.

The faces do the impossible and get way basset houndier ahead.

The photos are courtesy of a Flickr user named “BenfromSalem,” who we do declare is the luckiest man in all of Salem. While he seems like a lovely guy, he apparently is not a comedian…

Tough crowd.

But really, if I saw this guy running towards me at, what, like, four miles per hour? I would be scared sh*tless.

No, no, it’s not that you can’t run because you’re too old and fat! It’s because your legs are short!!

*laughing* Really! That’s it. It’s the way God made you.


I see I’m in for a long night.

Now do the right thing, and e-mail this link to every single member of your family and all of your friends. Surely, Bassies can cheer anyone up.

UPDATE: This post inspired this essential list…
50 Photos Of Basset Hounds Running.

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