Jason Bateman Wept Like A True Belieber During Never Say Never


It takes a strong man to cry. Ergo, it must take the strongest being in the universe to admit to crying during a Justin Bieber movie. While visit Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin this morning promoting his new movie Paul, it was revealed that Jason Bateman cried during Never Say Never while seeing it with his family. “It was good…it’s this great documentary,” Batmen tried to explain. “About mid-way through the movie I’m bawling like a little school girl…It gets very, very touching. It’s like this great movie!” We would have blamed our tears on the 3-D glasses. Actually, we would have faked a brain tumor as long as it prevented anyone from figuring out that Bieber had reached our empty robot hearts.

Ripa chimed in to say that she and her husband Mark Consuelos had start bawling during the film, too. “It’s very emotional,” Kelly reassures Bateman. We love how baffled and disgusted Regis looks throughout the whole discussion. Hey, men can be soft and strong too, Reg. It’s not the 1800s anymore. We mean, the fact that a grown adult man was moved to tears by the film adds some credence to those Never Say Never Oscar nomination rumors. You’re lucky The King’s Speech came out this year, Firth. Extremely lucky.

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