Jon Gosselin’s Ex-Girlfriend Hailey Is Still Talking About Jon Gosselin


If you remember Hailey Glassman, pat yourself on the back…or slap yourself in the face. Workin’ man Jon Gosselin may be smoking on a roof in a hardhat these days, but his ex-girlfriend is still talking about him more than a year after their split—and long after everyone else stopped caring.  Radar just tagged along with Glassman for a trip back to the Alexandria in Manhattan, where Hailey was accused of robbing Gosselin’s apartment in December ’09 (don’t tell us you forgot!). Police wound up looking the other way—the butcher knife pinning a note to the kitchen table was hoax-tastic—but Glassman obviously still feels the issue is unsettled.

The staff, rocking pained, professional grins in Radar‘s video, nod politely as Hailey reminds them who she is and how the drama was all “lies,” with the concierge offering “[Jon]’s an a—hole…he scares me. I really ask myself, how could you do what you did, being such a nice person?” (Fame is a drug, baby!) Hopefully this experience will be therapeutic for Hailey, allowing her to stop drudging up The Age Of JoGo with Radar every couple months. Sure, mid-2009 was glamorous time full of horse carriage rides, stoned vacations in St. Barts, and tiny penises, but Jon’s moment in the sun—and by extension, that of his ladies—has passed. Let JoGo go. Go corrupt a Duggar or something.

[Photo: GettyImages]

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