Katy Perry’s Mom Shopping Around For A Book Deal


This sounds kind of shady to us. Page Six is reporting that Katy Perry‘s mother, Mary Perry Hudson, is looking for a book deal—and not for her famous daughter, but for her. Mary, as Katy’s talked about in interviews before, is a Christian Evangelical preacher, as is her husband, and the book apparently deals with how their pop star daughter has affected their Christian ministry.  Mary admits that she, “disagrees with a lot go choices she makes in her career”. We’re guessing those choices would involve kissing girls and liking it, right?

The proposal for the book — which Page Six has seen — reads, “This memoir is her story, in her own words. Mary and Keith Hudson have been Christian Evangelists long before the world ever heard of Katy Perry”. No word yet from Katy, but we think this sounds like a bit of a sell-out. There’s a bit of a competitive edge in that proposal, too. While we’re not denying their faith, they do have to admit that they’re getting mileage because of their daughter. And if Mary wanted to write a book on her faith and her ministry, why use Katy as a selling point? She’s clearly going to take up a large part of that book! We wouldn’t be too happy, if we were Katy.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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