Kyle Puccia’s Cover Of Rebecca Black’s Friday Is Somehow AMAZING


There is a singer songwriter named Kyle Puccia. He did a cover of Friday by Rebecca Black. It’s like some sort of commentary on postmodern commentaries on irony.

Whoops! Kyle Puccia just skipped the Grammys and went straight to winning a Nobel Price. He is the Albert Einstein of Rebecca Black cover song artists.

This is so amazing that you don’t even for a second question the fact that the guy is wearing dog tags. The bar for how amazing a thing has to be before you don’t question dog tags is very high, and Kyle Puccia cleared it with room to spare. I suppose there is the chance that he actually served in the army, but if he has a broad enough character spectrum to have both served in the military and successfully covered an internet meme as a joke, he should already be President.

Thanks, Reddit.

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