The Situation’s Most Offensive Jokes Cut From Trump Roast


Wow. No wonder everyone booed The Situation at last night’s Roast Of Donald Trump. We almost started booing the computer while we were writing this. In addition to the Sitch making a vicious slavery joke about Snoop Dogg (“You know you have so much in common with Donald Trump? Trump’s ancestors were into real estate , and your ancestors were considered property.”), The Situation’s unaired Trump Roast jokes are even more offensive then the ones that we actually saw. TMZ reports that some of the jaw-droppingly offensive insults, aimed in large part at deaf Academy-Award winner Marlee Matlin, include:

  • “I’m not from New Jersey. I was born in Staten Island which is a New York borough, not to be confused with the burro Marlee Matlin b—s onstage in Tijuana.”
  • And as if The Children Of A Lesser God star hadn’t suffered enough teasing: “Relax, she didn’t even hear it. I mean hey, at least her mouth is good for something right? Hey, that was definitely some great work, Marlee. Have you ever done anything else actually?”
  • Larry King is rockin’ the Armani diaper, Seth MacFarlane is sporting Victoria’s Secret panties. And Snoop is wearing a Louis Vuitton condom. Nah, I’m just kidding, he don’t wear condoms, you know that!”
  • “I like Larry King; he’s a playa. He actually wrote a book named “Mr. King Is Having a Heart Attack.” He got that title from a hooker he was f—ing.”
  • Trump is a good looking dude … if your eyes are like Marlee Matlin‘s ears.”

YIKES! That is truly a horrible Situation.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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